Before placing the wwtp on the vehicle, make sure that there are no sharp bulges which could damage the plant. Plant must be transported in vertical position! To avoid various damages during transportation plant should be securely fastened. For fastening use GRP, nylon or other non-metallic belts. 

During storage the plant must be protected from damage and third parties, and store the plant on the flat and stable surface.


Before starting the construction works, you will need following material and tools / machinery:

Also water supply is necessary in construction site.


The location where the plant will be installed should be selected as described in the technical project. If technical project is not available, the location shall be selected in accordance with Construction Technical Regulations. The plant shall be installed in location where the sludge suction vehicle can easily service it. Also, do not install the plant in a place where the rain- and snow water accumulates.


Groundworks should be carried out in accordance with Construction Technical Regulations and technical project.


The shape of the excavation shall look like funnel. Diameter of the excavation shall be at least 1.5 m wider at the top and 0.5 meter wider at the bottom than the diameter of plant. The maximum backfill from the ground surface to the top of the plant is 1.2 m.  


Model People equivalent Hydraulic daily flow  Cover, D (mm) Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Inflow (mm)
FEL/4 4 0,8 1000 1520 2090/2290 500/700
FEL/6 6 0,9 1000 1720 2450 770
FEL/10 10 1,5 1000 2020 2510 700
FEL/15 15 2,25 1000 2420 2610 700
FEL/25 25 3,75 1000 2870 2890 700

Excavation shall be prepared in two stages:

  1. The excavation is dig up by the excavator up to 20–30 cm of the altitude of the bed of excavation.
  2. The last 20–30 cm of ground shall be excavated manually. Keep the excavation dry by using pump if necessary.


 1. Low the plant into excavation. Use lifting belts and excavator bucket. Fasten the belts to the handles.

2. Centre the plant. Plant must be installed strictly in horizontal position. The spirit level can be used to ensure the level.

3. Backfill, i. e. light soil shall be compacted with water and / or using the soil compactor. It is prohibited to use different ground for backfill (eg., clay, construction waste, etc.) !!! Join the plant with manhole. It is necessary to ensure water tightness. Use good quality adhesive-sealant and joint-pins or stainless steel screws. Distance between screws is about 15 cm. Join the manhole with the inspection lid too.

4. Fill the tank with water and the excavation with the backfill by equal 20–30 cm layers as follows: 1) inner chamber, 2) external chamber, 3) excavation. Repeat it up to the outlet pipe.

5. Connect PVC sewer pipes to the inlet and outlet sleeves. The slope of the pipe should be 1-2 cm/m. Pipeline must be laid on the natural soil. Materials such as gravel, sand can be used for the base of pipeline.

6. Finish the backfilling up to designed altitude. For the upper layer of soil (20–30 cm) use compost. The upper layer of ground around the plant should be 5–10 cm higher than local area surface. Seed with the grass.


The control box shall be installed next to the plant. Distance shall be about 1 meter. There are two outlets on the bottom of control box. There are two at the bottom of the control box outputs for connection to the air supply pipe to the aerator and to the air supply pipe to the aerator. Also, just above the side of the equipment box is a connection to the electrical outlet. The power cord must have a protective armor.


When the plant has to be installed under low intensity vehicular traffic (vehicular loading under 1.5 tones), it is necessary to protect it from vehicle load. In this case it is necessary to install reinforced concrete plates. The plate should be mounted on the poles. The concrete plate cannot be bedded down on the plant; at least 5–10 cm of backfill shall be between the plate and plant. The size of plate is calculated by a designer (constructor) individually in each case, because it depends on vehicle weight and intensity.

The plant to be installed under vehicular traffic is equipped with extension shaft. 1 meter standard diameter is reduced to 0.6 meters. You can install plastic or cast iron sewer cover on top of it.


When the plant has to be installed in wet ground, where groundwater level is less than 2.5 meters from the ground surface, it should be anchored to reinforced concrete base. For concrete base regular reinforced mesh or plate can be used. Use anchoring straps and hot dip galvanized anchoring bolts. Distance between the bolt and the wall of the concrete base shall be not less than 105 mm. In case if customer ignores this note, the manufacturer is not responsible for long-term physical or mechanical forces which can deform the plant.

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