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Pump stations

The fibreglass pump stations produced by JSC Feliksnavis are designed for pumping of domestic, industrial, surface wastewater, pumping and collecting of sludge etc. To prevent freezing of liquids in cold season, the frame of the pump station is insulated by insulating material to 1,2 m depth.

The pump stations are selected depending on nature and quantity of wastewater, height and distance of pumping. On the request of the customer, either only the frame of the pump stations either fully completed unit with all accessories can be manufactured.

Pump stations are made of polyester resins with excellent characteristics, i.e. they are resistant to chemical impact and are waterproof. The most optimal combinations of fibreglass roving or fabric and polyester resins are used for manufacturing of storage tanks, which provide resistance to corrosive environments, durability, longevity of product. All these characteristics determine the safe installation of the pump stations.

The pump stations are available in various sizes under individual orders. They are compact, durable, lightweight and easy in assembling. Manufacturer provides 10 years guarantee for the fibreglass housing of pump station.

Manufacturer provides 10 years guarantee for the fibreglass housing of pump station.

Parameters of pump stations


  1. Reinforced concrete foundation
  2. Pump support (elbow)
  3. Pressure pipeline
  4. Sand and silt bag
  5. Inlet
  6. Directional pipes of sand and silt bag
  7. Inspection platform
  8. Entry ladder
  9. Lifting chain of sand and silt bag
  10. Ventilation duct
  11. Automatic control panel
  12. Inspection manhole
  13. Insulation of housing
  14. Outlet
  15. Valves
  16. Non-return valve
  17. Pump lifting chain
  18. Directional pipes of pump lifting
  19. Level regulators
  20. Immersed pump

Technical data

Diameter D, mm Height H, mm

According to individual orders



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