Air blower box Products Wastewater treatment plants



Boxes re made of glass plastic, which produce tightness and durability. The blower box is cylindrical with a cover, an extended bottom, a 3 x 1.5 kW coupling of the power cable and a PE 20 connection for the air supply. This design guarantees convenient burial of the box in the ground next to the wastewater treatment plant. 

When you need air blow box 

The maximum allowable distance between the air blower and plant can be 8–10 meters. So, when the distans is longer - need air blow box. In such cases, the blowers simply do not go out to install in the house. The box manufactured by UAB Feliksnavis is protected from moisture, rain and dust. In addition, the installation of a blower near the domestic wastewater treatment plant avoids the resulting loss of supply air pressure. 

Diameter D, mm Height H, mm
400 400 (small) 
500 400 (big)
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